Brave Bodies

Yoga classes in Southampton, Hampshire

Why Exercise with us?

Are you hoping to make some positive changes to your body? Is your posture less than ideal? Is your back giving you a hard time? And are you tired and stiff from sitting at a desk most of your waking time?

Come to BraveBodies classes for down-to-earth yoga, Pilates and also senior fitness. I will help you:

- Become stronger by using your body weight. You will get stronger wrists, arms, core, le
... gs, bum, back and even your pelvic floor!

- Improve your flexibility by safely increasing the range of movement of all your main joints. I don't do acrobatics (well, sometimes!), I just want you to be functionally flexible. This means, for instance, that you can improve your squat, getting on and off the floor, that you can touch your toes while you bend forward or take three steps at a time when you're in a hurry.

- Improve your balance and coordination. We stand a lot on one leg at a time, as would be expected! And certain movements are also nicely complex and will give your brain a workout, too.

- Rediscover movements we cease to do as soon as we grow up (we spend a lot of time on the floor, too!) and find joy in healthy, natural and intuitive movement, the way children do. Welcome to your younger self!

Note: We work hard, but never too hard. You are always asked to listen to your body first. But if we want good progress, we must be willing to make the effort!

My name is Barbara and I have been teaching yoga for over twenty years, and Pilates for nearly ten, in the USA and in the UK. With me, you will always do something new and different. No one class is ever the same. I use a lot of equipment to increase the challenge and variety, so welcome to the foam rollers, rings, bands, balls and more!

My classes are ideal for those who live in Bitterne, Woolston, Sholing, Bursledon or Lowford.

I look forward to meeting you.
DBS Insured By: Register Of Exercise Professionals (reps)

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Insured By: Register Of Exercise Professionals (reps)
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